– Additions –

– Added 512 claim blocks to Members
– Added a ton of kits
– Randomtp, 500 blocks for free and 1000+ blocks for $500 (/rtp)
– Updated a new version of Worldedit
– Optimized many plugin and storage systems
– Optimized Website
– Optimized the Server
– Added a scoreboard
– Added a tablist
– Healthbar
– Added sickle

– Fixes –

– Squashed a lot of bugs!
– Removed Worldgaurd for fixes (using a different protection)
– Fixed Memory leaks!
– Fixed CPU Leaks!
– Fixed random Shutdowns (hopefully, we are still moderating that)
– Fixed Spawn protection
– Fixed up the Website
– Fixed the redirect link in the Server Status

Thank you for reading the weeks changelogs! I will be back next week with more updates!

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