– Additions –

– New page to Apply
– Updated and fixed the Information
– Server is going to be released on the 21st of December 2018!
– Added a /report GUI
– Added more flags to the spawn where mobs cant spawn in spawn, silly mobs, you aren’t players!
– Added more essentials permission nodes to the Member role
– Added more permission nodes to all ranks
– Added an auction plugin (/ah)
– Added a safe-border along the border of spawn and the wilderness
– Added rules, full list of rules here > Rules and that can be accessed within the game with “/rules”
– Added veinminer
– Added /feelings to show feels 😉
– Added ForceGrammar
– Added ShulkerColour, right click your shulker box with an ink sac and it changes colour
– Added a few shortcut commands including, /s (/spawn), /b (/back)
– Added veinminer permission nodes
– Added Shulkercolour permission nodes
– Added /feelings permission nodes.

– Fixes –

– Fixed /rtp, you can use /rtp instead of /rtp gui
– Server optimizations
– Website optimizations
– Fixed Essentials config (reconfigured and optimized it)
– Optimized the index of the website.
– Fixed /back where it teleports you to last teleported area and not last precise location.

– Working on –

– Separate domain for Dynmap
– GUI Shop
– Custom Help List

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