– Additions –

– Added a brand new GUI Shop
– Added backpacks
– Added Weathervotes
– Added more commands
– Added an announcer
– Added a Casino area
– Added a Crates area
– Added a Donator Shop
– Added a Crafting section where you can enchant, repair, rename, etc
– Added a Coinslot
– Added AntiAFKPlus (detects afk pools)
– Added flag commands to spawn and the casino
– Added MCMMO back!
– Added Added more commands
– Added /casino
– Added /crates
– Added /craft
– Added /Memberplus (Free fly!)
– Added /Donatorshop
– Added a /warp GUI!

– Added Pets

– Added more permissions

– Added a new shop! (/buy)

– Added a status, dynmap, and shop page to the website.
Status Page
Dynmap Page
Shop Page

– Removed –

– Removed ChatControl, thank me later for the “command spam”

– Fixes –

– Optimized configs
– Optimized the website
– Optimized the shop
– Fixed GUIShop sells
– Fixed permission nodes
– Fixed MCMMO
– Fixed GUI problems
– Squashed a lot of bugs!

– Fixed the website! like, a lot, like it was broken to the point there was no images, yikes.

– Fixed optimization

– Fixed Scrolling on website

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