+ Updated all servers to 1.14.3

+ Fixed a bunch of bugs and issues

+ Fixed all the lag! You’re welcome!

+ Added more ways to gain money

+ Added Play time rewards

+ Added daily rewards

+ Added more jobs

+ Added smarter organizations with /sortchest

Other Information

If the recent crashes and reports of server lag we have taken this following precautions,

We will stress test the server every week, testing for any TPS, Memory leaks or CPU overloads, from any of our plugins or executable. This video shows our effort in stress testing our farm solutions

Our video of us stress testing our server for farm tick rate increase.

This is for our farm land solutions that was talked about above in the beginning, the TPS was completely demolished by the increased tick rate for the soul purpose of increased farm growth. Heres how we fixed it ..

Instead of using /gamerule randomtickrate we used a different measure of increasing our plant growth, with our customizability, we were able to decrease and increase individual plants and crops We’ve increased each plant to about 4x its normal speed. And with our stresstest (the video above) it shows that the server is able to handle around 2,000 crops/plants growing all at the sametime.

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