[1] No Grief/Theft! [CoreProtect]
[2] No SPAM/Advertising/CAPS/Offensive Chat!
[3] No 1×1 Towers, Bridges, Tunnels!
[4] No Offensive Builds/Symbols/pixelart!
[5] X-Ray is allowed!
[6] Any form of PvP/PvE Hack is NOT allowed (XRay Is allowed!)
[7] The U.S Bill of Rights does NOT come into play in the server!
[8] Do not beg for staff!
[9] You CAN call people cute,
[10] Respect staff members! (Although any sign of Staff disrespect towards players is a demotion towards staff!)
[11] If the rule doesn’t exist, it favours the user!
[12] Don’t be toxic!
[13] Don’t abuse exploits, instead report them to our Discord
[14] You are innocent till valid proof that you are guilty. Proof must be verified and checked by owner or developer.
[15] Every ban will be equal, there will be no exception to ban reasons and or ban procedures. (AKA vote banning)