[1] No Grief/Theft! [We have coreprotect we can see it -_-]
[2] No SPAM/Advertising/CAPS/Offensive Chat!
     – Any type of slur is NOT allowed
     – Homophobic remarks is NOT allowed
     – Controversial topics are allowed, to an extent of only debate and nothing more. If the debate gets out of hand to the point one, or more start showing violence and not actually debating (cursing at each other for no reason, name calling, toxicity etc etc)

[3] No 1×1 Towers, Bridges, Tunnels!
[4] No Offensive Builds/Symbols/!
[5] Any form of PvP/PvE/advantage getting hack is NOT allowed
     – X-Ray is NO LONGER ALLOWED (We will be doing events that X-Ray could give an advantage to players)
     – PvP/PvE hacks are just not allowed
     – Auto-Bright hacks, ARE ALLOWED
     – Auto mine is kinda pointless don’t use it
     – Optifine is allowed
     – Basically anything that doesn’t give you a huge advantage server wise you can use, client wise such as full bright or auto bright etc etc you can use.

[6] The U.S Bill of Rights does NOT come into play in the server!
[7] Do not beg for staff!
[8] Respect staff members! (Although any sign of Staff disrespect towards players is a demotion towards staff!)
[9] If the rule doesn’t exist, it favours the user!
[10] Don’t be toxic!
[11] Don’t abuse exploits, instead report them to our Discord
[12] You are innocent till valid proof that you are guilty. Proof must be verified and checked by owner or developer.
[13] Every ban will be equal, there will be no exception to ban reasons and or ban procedures. (AKA vote banning)
[14] Griefing unprotected land will be monitored, restored, and will get the person who griefed it will get a 7 day ban for WORLD griefing, we’re trying to keep the world nice looking for new players. Also, Theres no point in doing it, you’re not funny, it’ll be restored in that specific area, you’re wasting my, and everybody else’s time.